According to the description given in the company introduction, our main profile is the production and distribution of sports and toy balls. The following technologies are used for this purpose:

Rotational moulding

These products are manufactured from liquid PVC paste using “rotational moulding” technology. It is a process whereby the material is poured into moulds with internal cavities that follow the spherical contours of the balls to be produced. The moulds are placed in the heated chamber of the rotary moulding machine, and the liquid material in the moulds is distributed uniformly over the inner walls of the moulds due to a predetermined rhythm of rotation around two perpendicular axes, and its shape is stabilised by the heat. The flexible PVC balls thus produced are removed from the mould, blown to the required size, then painted (with pad printing and spray painting).

This is how toy PVC balls (flexible, thin-walled, lightweight products) have been manufactured for decades.

As a result of new improvements, including some modifications to the above technologies and the development of new formulations for the composition of the materials, high-quality sports balls with rotational moulding have been developed. At the moment these items are produced by only a few companies. This is a flagship product group at our company and we have been producing them for several decades (with completely renewed equipment this year).

Pad printing

This is a relatively new technology that has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, and is very widespread. The flexibility of silicone pads and their use for paint transfer allows us to print with this method on flat, slanted, oblique or irregular surfaces.

They are used, among other things, for printing switches, relays, panels, telephones, computer components, rulers, electrical appliances, promotional items, packaging, decorations, golf balls, glasses, toys, sports equipment, gifts and balls.

Pad printing can be used to print on balls (inscription, logos, decorative designs, etc.) in one or more colours (up to 4-5 colours) in the appropriate size.

The graphics and printing cliches must be prepared for the different prints.


In addition to the pad printing, decorative inks are also applied to the products for a significant number of balls.

These can be rainbow shades of paint or decorations applied to the balls by means of masks used on the painting equipment, according to the requested pattern.

The composition and concentration of the paints used are in accordance with occupational safety and environmental specifications (e.g. maximum concentration).

Kogelan sports balls

The productive rotational moulding process introduced in our company to make the balls has encouraged the highly experienced technicians (engineers) working here to enhance it further.

As a result of their work, the KOGELAN product range including sports balls was created (the creators protected the technical solutions with four Utility Models and Patents at the Hungarian Patent Office; Plasto Ball Kft. became the exclusive manufacturer of KOGELAN sports balls after acquiring the above).

These KOGELAN sports balls are ideal for team sports (football, handball, volleyball, etc.), children’s sports education (football, handball, etc.) and other training (athletics, gymnastics, water polo, etc.). Thanks to their extremely favourable properties including good dimensional stability, inflatability, absolute water resistance, wear resistance and optimal bounce they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These properties are ensured by the composition of the product, the uniform and fine foam structure of the shell (a speciality of these products) and thanks to the special elastic material, the pain felt on impact is alleviated and children can play with the ball without fear.

There are three groups of KOGELAN sports ball:


refined alternatives to traditional sewn balls


more flexible balls


extra flexible balls (for various children sports)

This product group (KOGELAN SPORTS BALLS) complies with the necessary technical, safety and toxicological standards, a certificate of conformity (TÜV Rheiland) is available and the company is certified according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015.

The demand for KOGELAN sports balls is increasing both in Hungary and for export, and are increasingly being sold commercially by sports federations and sports clubs.


Aqua Air

Two important product groups – balls filled with liquid:

  • medicine balls;
  • floating medicine balls for water polo training.

The shells of the balls are made of a very tough synthetic polymer. The ribbed surface and the character of the material ensure a good grip on the products. Stable quality is ensured by a special valve system.

We have been distributing 9 types of our medicine ball (from 600 g up to 5 kg) for about 12 years, both in Hungary and for export to Europe.

The (subsequently developed) floating medicine balls available in 6 sizes are an excellent option for water polo training, and are starting to be used by top water polo teams (arm strengthening, leg work, etc.)

The balls in these two product groups can be washed with lukewarm water. The products meet the safety requirements to bear the CE mark. The shell is made of a reprocessable thermoplastic material.

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